Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society

The word Philoptochos means “friend to the poor,” in Greek, “Φίλος τον Προχόν.”  The primary purpose of the Philoptochos is to serve as a service organization to all those who may be in need.  This is accomplished by offering one’s service and talents to the organization in the operation of fundraisers, special event receptions, donations to charitable organizations and direct help to those in need.

Some of the events include:

  • Hosting the Feastday reception for the Great Vespers of the Dormition (Falling asleep) of the Virgin Mary.
  • Annual Vasilopita auction to raise money for St. Basil’s Academy – a residential school for school-age children.
  • Preparation of Thanksgiving baskets for those in need.
  • Hospital and home visitations.
  • Baking the pastries for the Greek Cultural Festival and the Annual Christmas Pastry Sale.

A true Christian offers one’s time, talents and treasures the Lord so that the Church may help all those in need.  The Philoptochos is one of the primary organizations solely dedicated to philanthropy.

Orthodox Bible Study

The Orthodox Bible Study is designed to allow for the study of Holy Scripture within the Patristic mindset of the Orthodox Church.  A particular book of the Bible (this year – St. Paul’s 1st Letter to the Corinthians) is studied in sequence with commentary derived from the Holy Father’s of the Church; i.e. St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory of Nyssa, St. Basil the Great, etc.

A segment of time at the end of each session will be dedicated to questions and answers regarding other topics that may arise regarding the Theology and Tradition of the Orthodox Church.   Please consult the Church Calendar for the schedule.


Sunday School

Beginning the 2nd Sunday in September and concluding at the end of May, the School age children of the Assumption attend Sunday School following Holy Communion each Sunday.  The objective of Sunday School is to aid our families in the formation of our youth in the basics of the Worship, Theology and Basic expressions of the Orthodox Church.

Some of the Special Activities include:

  • St. Nicholas Gift Project – Each child brings in a wrapped gift to be presented in the Church to the Icon of St. Nicholas which will be later distributed to different shelters or hospitals in the community.
  • Christmas Pageant – A presentation of the Nativity of Christ by the Children of the parish.
  • Godparent Sunday – Children attend the Divine Liturgy and receive Holy Communion with their Godparents.
  • Sunday of Orthodoxy – Children bring icons from home and walk around the Church in the procession with the Clergy and Altarboys to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy.
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS) – Held each June, the Children come to the Assumption for a week of learning about the faith with much fun, fellowship and food.



Serving in the Altar is an awesome and rare privilege.  Boys who are given this privilege serve during the Divine Services of the Church by tending to duties in the Altar as well as participate in the Divine Entrances and Processions.  The Altarboys also have an annual fellowship outing to a sporting event.



The purpose of the Choir is to offer prayers by singing praises to the Lord during worship services. The Church Choir offers the Liturgical responses as the Divine Liturgies, Holy Feastdays and during Holy Week and Pascha.


Parish Nameday Celebration

The Parish Nameday Celebration is held on the Saturday following the Feastday of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary on August 15th. Our parish is named for this blessed holiday which we honor through church services to which surrounding parishes and the community are invited. We also extend our hospitality by opening our doors to our faithful and to the public with a celebration that is truly a festival (festival meaning a special occasion of feasting or celebration that is usually religious and that had an etymology meaning celebration of a church holiday). We feast in celebration of our parish with wonderful food, fellowship and fun.


JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth)

Children get together monthly to participate in a planned activity. Activities are designed to build fellowship in a safe and fun environment.  Events include retreats, service and outings to local places of interest (bowling, apple picking, sledding, etc.).


GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America)

GOYA is an organization in which teenagers can gather together to participate in fun activities, to get to know each other and talk about the Greek Orthodox religion. In addition, service projects are planned throughout the year, as well as, participation in Parish, Metropolis and Archdiocesan youth retreats, athletic programs and summer camps.


Men’s Club

To bring together all adult Orthodox men within the Church community 2 to 3 times a year for the purpose of creating fellowship among one another through various social activities.  Events have or will include lamb roasts, outing to sporting events, athletic activities, etc.


Ladies’ Club

The purpose of the Ladies’ Club is to provide fellowship events 2 to 3 times a year to the ladies of our Parish who often give much of themselves in service to the community and to Philoptochos.  Newly formed, our first event was a “Dessert and Appetizer Pot Luck,” which was a great success.


Cana Couples Fellowship

The Cana Married Fellowship is a social organization. Its function is to give young married couples in the Greek Orthodox community an opportunity to meet and enjoy Christian fellowship. Our activities include: dinner parties and social gatherings at members’ homes, outings to restaurants, plays and baseball games, etc.   This is a great opportunity for young married parishioners to socialize and make friends!


Golden Circle

The Golden Circle provides fellowship 2 to 3 times a year for our retired parishioners with day trips and at events at the Cultural Center.  Events have or will include visits to the St. John Chrysostom Monastery, Luncheons, Fall Foliage Tours, Specialty Shopping, etc.  Although it is designed for older adults, events are open to anyone.